Of Community and Contribution

It was a joy to see Mr. Bill Somerville and Malcolm Margolin, trailblazers devoted to social justice, arts, and culture. Bill and I were going to have a conversation over lunch in Oakland, but we detoured, ending at the Art House and Cultural Center in Berkeley. I have known and admired Mr. Somerville for several years and somehow I am on Malcolm’s email list, but I had not met him in person.

Malcolm Margolin and Bill Somerville

Through his Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, Bill is a long-time promoter of innovative philanthropy based on trust. Malcolm is a noted book author, publisher, and founder of the California Institute for Community, Art, and Nature.

Malcolm welcomed a group of students from Carleton College in Minnesota, traveling across California as part of a cultural program. We were to have lunch, interact with students, and listen to guest speakers. The cultural program was created by a professor and his wife.

Inside the Art House and Cultural Center.

The Art House and Cultural Center is located at 2905 Shattuck Ave and has been under Harold Adler’s reigns since 2009. The moment the door opens, one is greeted with psychedelic decorations, immediately taking most people back to the 1960s.

The artifacts in the main room have an air of history: vinyl records of famous artists, lava lamps, and authentic posters depicting festivals and community meetings that show an era of love, exploration, and community.

One of the Guest speakers, a noted book writer shared her parents’ immigration experience.

The students said there were in awe and inspired; They seemed eager to learn and think about the values of the 1960s. It was wonderful to hear their perspectives.

Bill is 91 years old. Malcolm is 82. Harold is in his 70s. They showed the students the meaning of contribution. Hats off.

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Lupita Franco Peimbert produces multimedia content on travel, culture, arts, life, and love. Follow her on Facebook @Lupitanews or @LupitaFrancoPeimbert.
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