Spirits Are Freed On Halloween

Three souls outside a haunted house celebrating Halloween

Halloween is a popular tradition associated with ghosts, haunted houses, and trick-or-treat, which happens every October 31st., but the celebration has a deeper meaning. It is based on a Gaelic festival known as “Samhain.” According to Irish mythology, it is a time when the door to the “Otherworld” opens for fairies and dead people to connect with us, the living, in this world we call our reality. They were freed to communicate and to heal precisely a day before “All Saints Day,” celebrated every November 1st.

In my opinion, Halloween is like “Diwali” and “Day of the Dead” – a trilogy near “All Saints Day” created by our ancestors and past cultures, aiming to understand what is out there and what reality happens in other realms and dimensions. These traditions seek to bring forth and understand the spiritual world. It is our brain and mind asking for answers as to what we are and where we came from.

Meanwhile, these traditions happening around the world, half entertainment and half community, are part of what is known as “Popular Religiosity.” In essence, religious ideas become popular beliefs; thus, they turn into the culture of a group, town, and nation.

Happy Halloween!


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