15 Streets of San Francisco Before Reopening

This is just a snapshot of downtown San Francisco a couple days prior to the reopening of businesses and other places on June 15, 2021, after the more-than-a-year mandatory closing due to COVID19 in 2020. Perhaps there is nothing espectacular about these photos, other than streets, façades and life as it was recently while walking around town, but I wanted to captured the way the City looked as it was ready to a full reopening.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert

coming down the hill on Powell Street. @Lupitanews.
Tourists driving up Hyde St. @lupitanews
A view of the Bay Bridge from one of the many hills and neighborhoods. @Lupitanews.
A scooter and a taxi. @Lupitanews.
Union Square. @Lupitanews.
The rainbow flag at the St. Francis Hotel. @Lupitanews.
Tranvía on Market St. @Lupitanews.
Muni. @Lupitanews.
Tourists on Market Street. @Lupitanews.
People walking on Market St. @Lupitanews.
Love is Love, at the Westfield Centre. @Lupitanews.
Up on California St. @Lupitanews.
The Victorian and/or Edwardian homes. @Lupitanews.
Testing the Waymo vehicles around the neighborhood, on California and Spruce. @Lupitanews.
Alcatraz from the distance. @Lupitanews.

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