Handmade: Colorful Basket Made in Guerrero

Artisan man from Guerrero, Mexico, shows the colorful basket he’d made in three days. Photo by Lupitanews.

This man who is part of an Indígena community (Nahua) in the state of Guerrero, Mexico, said it took him 3 days to make this colorful basket, but that was because he applied himself to finishing it as soon as possible. Handmade baskets of that size can take a week to make.

I saw him selling his crafts in Taxco Guerrero, and I noticed that he arrived early morning and walked all over the areas with more visitors, hoping to make a sale. Him and dozens of other Indígenas Nahua make a living by selling arts and crafts in markets or on the streets and often rely on their own agricultural practices to feed their families.

The National Instituto of Indigenous Population (INPI, in Spanish), says there are 68 recognized and distinct tribes or indigenous communities in Mexico. These communities have their own language and culture, and have fought for years to be recognized and respected. The newer generations speak Spanish but there is high level of illiteracy. One of the main activities learned since childhood is to make arts and crafts, and to sell them in towns known to have more visitors and economic fluency.

I invite you to buy from these artisans, next time you visit a magical destination in Mexico.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert.

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