Available COVID-19 Testing Sites in Puebla

A COVID19 testing site in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. Photo by Lupitanews, 2021.

As the United States began requiring negative COVID19 testing to arrivals from Mexico and other countries, a new business emerged to serve international travelers. In cities with a large number of American expats and other international travelers, like the town of Cholula and the City of Puebla, it is fairly easy to spot a sign announcing COVID19 testing.

Many laboratories such as CHOPO offer COVID19 testing and provide results the same day, often within 15 minutes, with or without appointment. Farmacias del Ahorro requires appointments, but their service also provides results within minutes and the test is often administered by a doctor.

The latest on available testing sites is the one shown in the picture above: portable, easy to spot, on-the-street sites with professionals ready to administer a COVID19; this one by KWB Labs. In fact, the one who is writing witnessed testing at CHOPO, Farmacia del Ahorro and KWB and all of them do the job well, although the price varies.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert

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