¡Que Chula es Puebla!

A day before the “5 de Mayo,” we take the opportunity to highlight the City and State of Puebla, located east of Mexico City -a two-hour drive. History tells that on May 5, 1862, a somewhat improvised army of civilians and indígenas Zacapoaxtlans (native of the town of Zacapoaxtla), took victory over the French Army in what is known as The Battle of Puebla. France wanted to count Mexico as one of its colonies and historians have said gaining Mexico was a strategy of Napoleon Bonaparte who would use Mexico as a bridge to the United States. But the French didn’t count on the strong desire of Mexicans to remain free from France, and for that matter, free from foreign reign.

I will elaborate on 5 de Mayo tomorrow. Meanwhile, the City of Puebla and the towns and cities that are part of the State of Puebla are full of tradition and culture.

From left to right, these picture can give you a glimpse: The Los Sapos District in downtown Puebla is popular because of its arts and crafts which one can find at affordable prices. Next, I bet you have never had a “Crema de Camote Morado,” a delicious food I found at a restaurant in the midst of Los Sapos (let me know if you’d like me to tell its name.) Another picture shows a plate made of “Talavera.” It is not ceramic, it is Talavera; its laborious making (hand-made) makes it a little bit expensive, but worth the price. Last photo shows a farmer in Cholula, Puebla, where flower fields are something easy to spot any time of the year. ¡Qué Chula es Puebla!

-Lupita Franco Peimbert

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