Children and Millennials Are Stepping Forward to Care for Family Members #SkyBlossom

I have just watched a live streaming of Sky Blossom, a documentary about American families taking care of each other. In those families, children and millennials are playing a key role as caretakers. And they do it because they love their father or grandfather who is now in need of assistance. Watching their stories and how they choose to be good and caring, speaks volumes of their character. This speaks also about our true American values.

The live-streaming of Sky Blossom was presented by the Museum of Tolerance.

People outside the United States often think life is perfect here in the so-called first world, that there are no problems or that all problems are easily solved. Life is far from perfect for many American families whose loved ones came back from the frontlines without a leg or an arm, or with mental problems or chronic illness. Yet, the love and strength shown by family members, especially children and youth, is heartwarming. Actually, it is also the support of wives and husband that make a great difference.

Watching the film brought a level awareness to me. Awareness to these serious circumstances and admiration to the people involved.

This is what the film director and producers say: “SKY BLOSSOM is the film salute to 2020. It is a raw, uplifting window into 24.5 million children and millennials stepping forward as frontline heroes. Caring for family with tough medical conditions, they stay at home doing things often seen only in hospitals. They are cheerleaders, work part time, and go to college — but also live double lives — quietly growing up as America’s next greatest generation. These are their amazing stories.”

If you are interested, please go to their website and follow them on social media for future streaming.  


Facebook: SkyBlossomFilms

Instagram: @skyblossomfilms

Twitter: @skyblossomfilms


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