“My Little Sister,” at the Berlin and Beyond in Focus, online festival, November 19-21, 2020.

My Little Sister explores cáncer and terminal illness with realism, showing us how people surrounding cáncer victims respond differently and how the bonds between family members and friends are stronger than people sometimes think. 

Sven is a long time theater actor in Berlin who had a transplant due to cancer. His younger sister battles between staying with him in Berlin and being with her husband and children in Switzerland. 

Among the many powerful scenes, there is one where, after having an episode of severe pain, Sven is hospitalized and additional treatments are needed. As his doctor explains what may lie ahead, Sven eyes and his sister’s eyes are wide open, exhausted, overflown with tears ready to burst. Sven asks something in the lines of: What if we decide to do nothing, what would happen then? 

Sven is loved not only by his theater peers, but also immensely loved by his sister’s family: a husband and two children. However, Sven’s illness is taking a serious toll on his sister’s marriage. Add to that to everyone’s denial of his brother’s decay. Set in winter, this family drama will bring warmth to your heart. Excellent work by Nina Hoss as the sister and Lars Eidinger as Sven. The supporting actors were also excellent in their performance. 

– Lupita Franco Peimbert 

SWISS FILM & TALK – Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 1:00 PM
My Little Sister (Schwesterlein)
Followed by Q&A with Directors Stéphanie Chuat & Véronique Reymond

Register/Get Free tickets at: berlinbeyond.com

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