Powerful Mossbrae Falls!

These falls are powerful.

May I present you with my ramblings at Mossbrae Falls in Siskiyou County, California, one day last year when I ventured out to be close to nature, enjoying my day and my solitude.

Undeniably, these falls are powerful. They look beautiful but they are more than beautiful, they exude a certain power. It is hard to describe. One must be there to witness and experience their power.

I was mesmerized to the point of almost becoming unable to express myself.

But hey, with my accent and all that it entitles, 😉! I am sure you get the message!

Go on with your life.
Go on with someone or go on by yourself, but please go on.
Not just to the falls, but with life.

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Sight. That was a lot to ask!

I took this video in 2019. I do not know what current COVID19 restrictions are in 2020. Please follow the guideliines.

I should not have to say it but when you go to natural sites make sure yo do not leave trace and NO garbage, please.

Have a wonderful day!

Mossbrae Falls, Siskiyou County, California. 2019.

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