One Thing to Do: Visit the Fort Masson Community Garden in San Francisco

The Fort Mason Community Garden in San Francisco was designed for neighbors and San Franciscans to create their own garden. It is filled with parcels full of herbs, flowers and interesting plants. But if you want to be part of it, be prepared to wait for months or years to be granted a space. First, you must be added to a long list of enthusiastic gardeners waiting for their turn.

Meanwhile and as we are in the midst of summer, you may want to visit this community garden and see the Dalias, Begonias, Sun Flowers, an array of herbs, a variety of plants and even an avocado tree.

Social distancing and wearing a mask continues to be not only a mandate but also an action coming from self-responsibility. Nonetheless, enjoy!

How to get there: The community garden is at Fort Mason. Drive to the end of Van Ness and enter Fort Mason. Ask around. Find it. (I was told not to give out too many details to avoid getting crowds there.) This is in #SanFrancisco #California

Content and photos by Lupita Franco Peimbert. 2020.

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