West Oakland’s Evolutionary Blues

Several friends at Oakland’s KTOP produced “Evolutionary Blues,” a film that, among other things, acknowledges the enormous musical contribution of Africans and African Americans who, after moving to the West Coast, nurtured a spirited musical scene where performing was cathartic and healing.

The early migrants poured their sorrows and hopes and joy to the instruments they mastered. It is not news that the sounds and lyrics encompassing the Blues scene are exceptional and a cultural high.
Anyone seeking to understand a little more communities of color and the value of cultural-background must see this film.

The film “Evolutionary Blues…West Oakland’s Music Legacy,” will be shown at The New Parkway (Oakland) on Tuesday, March 19th at 6:45 P.M.
Click on this trailer. See you there!

“The more you research Black music the more realize everywhere Black folks go they create a musical scene of their own.”
Rickey Vincent, author