Hollywood Stands for Mexican Immigrants.

By Lupita Peimbert  — On a night filled with elegance and eloquent speeches, several of the Oscar Awards went to Mexican immigrants and culture.  Maybe it is just me, and my Latino-tendencies, but it seems like Hollywood recognizes the contributions of Mexican Immigrants to the United States of America, both in artistry but also in buying power.

Or maybe it is that these two films are outstanding in more than one way.

CocoCoco: Best Animated Film

Although Disney/Pixar’s Coco tells a universal story —youth defies generational fear and pursues their dream, the setting is Mexico-centric and remarkably accurate, culturally speaking. It is an intricate animation mixed with music, nostalgy, history, and color.


Water2The Shape of Water: Best Movie and Director

Guillermo del Toro candidly said how Spielberg’s E.T. inspired him. And how growing up in Mexico he never thought he could ever win an Oscar. And there he was again in the stage of the most important Hollywood ceremony: The Oscar Awards. With The Shape of Water, del Toro brings to life a story that otherwise would seem unrealistic.

If you have not seen either one of these films, go see them. In their own right, they are Oscar winners.

Lupita Peimbert is a multi-subject freelance writer and someone who blogs about film, travel, art, and culture. @Lupitanews.

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