10 Books That Inspired Presidents, CEO’s and Other Leaders.

10 Books That Inspired Presidents, CEO’s, and Other Leaders.

It's Good To Read

Greed. Avarice. Rapacity.

However, in this case, its greedily reading books. From the likes of Bill Gates, through Bill Clinton to Elon Musk, successful people are invariably greedy readers.  I was reading about these influencers, and their similarities in outlook struck me.

I did some background reading, and have come up with 10 books they have either individually or collectively recommended. They are not all business-type books. Most of these are now on my reading list, and hopefully more in-depth review will be forthcoming.

10 Books Recommended by World, Business and Social Leaders:

1: The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, by Eric Hoffer.

Clinton liked this business-type book, which essentially illustrates the harnessing of social psychology to discover what makes an individual become a fanatic. It aims to show you how to get people to love your product, essentially become a fanatic about it!

2: Empire of…

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