St. Rémy de Provence

Fotos and content by Lupita Franco Peimbert

(Travel) – St. Rémy de Provence is a beautiful small town in the south of France. It is great for talking long walks around the town, sit at coffee shops and restaurants, buy aromatic soaps, Provencal ceramics, and art,  and hike around Les Alpilles, the small mountain range (little Alpes) full of hiking trails and panoramic views. A petite village, it is charming, serene, and beautiful!

A few other things to notice in St. Rémy: Find the house where Nostradamus was born or the psychiatric hospital where Van Gogh lived and painted.

How to get there:

St. Rémy de Provence is 20 kilometers south of Avignon. For my visit, I took a train to Avignon, and then I took a 20-minute-ride by bus to St. Rémy. In addition to staying at charming little hotels -there are several, easy to find, one can opt for Airbnb or Couchsurfing.

To get you inspired, here are 10 pictures I took the time I visited St. Rémy de Provence.

Savon de Provence

A boutique to browse

Van Gogh lived here

Nostradamus’ home

Typical figurines


Local wine

Archeological zones

Savon de Provence

About the writer:
I’m a former television news reporter turned blogger and public information officer; culture enthusiast, an avid hiker, and solo-traveler; single; bilingual.

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