In Between – At The Jewish Film Festival.

in-between-movie(San Francisco Bay Area) – The struggles 3 Palestinian-Israeli women face in a world that is part old and part new show us that the traditions and values in the Arab World as contrasting as universal. Very. Women still face the punishment and stigma given by those who think women should behave in a certain way and nothing else.

The 3 actresses are phenomenal. Director Maysaloun Hamoud has created a compelling story because the lives of these women, their choices, their friends and what they do are real and simple.

IN BETWEEN is part of “Next Wave” at the SF Jewish Film Festival, framing “fresh stories and perspectives exploring contemporary life through a Jewish lens from around the globe.,” organizers say.  A $40 ticket will give you access to several films or you can just buy one for just this movie at a regular price.

You can see it on Sunday, July 23 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, or on Monday, July 31 at the Landmark in Albany.

On its 37 Edition, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival promises to deliver, as usual, an array of stories that celebrate Jewish culture by showing its many parts and facets to the rest of us.

-Lupita Peimbert. 

You may go to Lupitanews en Espanol (Facebook) for a commentary about this movie, in Spanish.

You may go to my profile page on FB: Lupita Franco Peimbert for a review/commentary in English and Spanish.

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