This Film Will Make You Cry.




(Film ) – Finding Oscar is an outstanding documentary about the 1982 horrific acts against the peaceful people in Dos Erres, a Guatemalan village.

It is for audiences that care about world events, peace, and justice. A high quality piece of storytelling, Finding Oscar is a true story that touches you not only because it was well researched and as a result its accuracy hits you in the face for how cruel the whole ordeal was, but also because the people you hear about and what they have to say hit you even more as their forgiveness and resilience match the cruelty of those who assaulted their village.

Directed by Ryan Suffern, produced by Frank Marshall, and executive produced by Stephen Spielberg, Finding Oscar was a hit in the Film Festival circles in 2016, and it opens in San Francisco on April 28, 2017.

The documentary shows the persistence of a few professionals determined to find the truth, the heartbreaking memories of a few survivors from the Dos Erres village, and the experiences of two kids abducted by soldiers. All of them decades later become key elements of justice.

Oscar, now an adult, was one of the kids abducted by the soldiers who rampaged Dos Erres. His saga –including living with one of the soldiers and migrating to the United States, touches the heart deeply for how can such horrors be perpetrated against innocent people and why the world allows it.

Whether you know about the massacres in Guatemala or this is your first time learning about it, the extremely well-told documentary brings to light how things are done by people in power when they want to violate and destroy.

The documentary makes you think about what can be done to bring justice, even if justice years later means telling a story of injustice and horror so that people learn to not repeat.

Finding Oscar (94 min

  • Directed by Ryan Suffern
  • Produced by Frank Marshall
  • Executive Produced by Stephen Spielberg

Film Festivals

  • World Premiere – Telluride Film Festival 2016
  • Official Selection – DOC NYC 2016
  • Official Selection – Mill Valley Film Festival 2016

FINDING OSCAR opens April 28th in San Francisco.

About the writer:

Lupita Peimbert is a media and communications professional with a day job she loves. She also is a bilingual, multimedia freelancer reporting/writing about travel, culture, arts and life. You may contact her at or    Social Media: @Lupitanews


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