Best and Most Beautiful Things.


(Film) – Anybody who loves their children will be moved by this documentary. You see Michelle, a legally blind girl mature and flourish in unexpected ways. The candor by which her mother and family share their life touches and inspires. Michelle’s intelligence and ability to speak her mind is intriguing, and her dolls are very cute. The way that Perkins School for the Blind positively impacts youth is obvious, and with this film there it goes a recognition to faculty and staff for their efforts and caring.

When the movie starts, you may almost feel that Michelle’s life doesn’t pertain to you or for a second you might find it uninteresting. But the camera and story engages you until the end, leaving you with a feeling that can only be accomplished by excellent cinematographers, let alone Michelle who is so compelling and engaging.

I highly recommend this documentary to parents, teenagers, and those who work with or are close to kids with any type of so-called disability.

Extremely well done, “Best and Most Beautiful Things,” has received several awards and I can see them achieving more.

Way to go Michelle!
-Lupita Peimbert (@Lupitanews) is a bilingual multimedia journalist and publisher of

Best and Most Beautiful Things is part of the Mill Valley Film Festival, October 6 to 16, 2016 in Marin County, CA. Please go to for schedules and other details. #MVFF39  



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