The “Hola Mexico” film festival is set for August in San Francisco.

HolaMexico(Film) – Now in its 8th edition, The Hola Mexico Film Festival is the largest festival of Mexican cinema outside Mexico. On the weekend of August 26-28, The Hola Mexico Film Festival Summer Tour 2016 brings to the Roxie 10 of the best Mexican films that appeared during the 2016 Hola Mexico Film Festival in Los Angeles in May. Co-presented by RoxCine, the Roxie’s Spanish-language film program. Individual tickets are $12. Festival passes available for $100.

The line up:

  • Sr. Pig (Mr. Pig)
  • Te Prometo Anarquía (I Promise You Anarchy)
  • Rumbos Paralelos (Parallel Roads)
  • Sopladora De Hojas (Leaf Blower)
  • Elvira, Te Daria Mi Vida Pero La Estoy Usando
    (Elvira, I Would Give You My Life, but I’m Using It)
  • Los Parecidos (The Similars)
  • Las Aparicio (The Aparicios)
  • Made in Bangkok
  • A Los Ojos (In Your Eyes)
  • Paraiso Perdido (Paradise Lost)

The festival is a display of cinema released in Mexico and abroad, in Spanish, in 2015 and 2016. Most movies are in Spanish, with English subtitles.

The Roxie Theater is located at 3117 16th St. San Francisco, CA.

Content was curated by Lupita Peimbert.
SOURCE: Our dear friends at the Roxie Theater, a solid rock for exhibiting independent and multicultural cinema in the Mission District.

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