The 4 Phases of Love.


Content by Lupita Peimbert. Gnobesing publishes on WordPress.

(Love & Sex) Ah, the mysteries of love and the phases people in-love go through. Some know them well, many seem unable to understand it. Leave alone to find it. “It is hard for all the phases to be the same; one phase will be different from the other,” says Ngobesing Romanus, at the beginning of a beautiful poem, looking at his own life. “When I look at our relationship, I see four distinct phases.”

Romance, milk and honey;
Sweet all through; she talked like an angel.
Her voice, melodic,like a nightingale singing.
My heart beats everyday for her,
And I wondered and worried if my dream
Would come true for her to become mine.

She was mine. The start of phase two; great kick-off.
The graph hit the summit, not for long.

As a downward journey opened phase three.
A phase none expected, desired, or hoped for.
It was hard to recognize the love of my life;
Not easy either for the love of my life to recognize me; I was a changed one.

Step four stepped in; divine intervention.
Phase four; our love was saved.

What do you think, dear reader? ………………………

4 thoughts

  1. I do find these phases to be fairly accurate. You have the chase, the honeymoon phase, and then struggle and change. Some enter phase 4, some do not. Love, true love, is worth fighting for, though. So, the uphill climb through phase 3 just may be worth it if you’re willing to put in the time.


  2. This is so beautiful.The flower photograph is absolutely breathtaking. What flower is that? The first two steps are the “honeymoon phase” and then the relationship changes a bit. Hats off to the couples who are able to maintain that love and passion ever after several years of marriage. It is adorable just looking at them.

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