Amazing women – May we know them.


(Women) –  A few days ago, Kathryn Couch participated in the commencement ceremony for her Masters degree in Public Administration from Cal State Dominguez Hills. She did the majority of the two year program as a single parent while working full-time, but struggling to achieve wasn’t new to Kathryn as she grew up as a foster child, not having a strong support system. It took grit, perseverance, and resilience for her to get this far. 

It’s important to remind myself that even though I haven’t landed an amazing job just yet, I should still be extremely proud of this accomplishment. Not only did I graduate I was also inducted into the Public Administration Honor Society.

On a post at the Latinas Think Big Facebook  page, Kathryn proudly shared a picture where she is accompanied by her daughter.

 She will never (have to) experience some of the hardships I did growing up, but I still hope she learns to value education as much as I do.

Kathryn Couch is one of million of women who transform the world by their own success.
Reading her post one could feel her sense of accomplishment, and be inspired by it.

“Women-may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!,” she said.

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