First time to Bay to Breakers? 5 things to know.


By Lupita Peimbert.

(San Francisco) – You’ve registered to take part in the happiest run in the world, and the most fun of all races in the universe Zappos Bay to Breakers, or B2B. I am Woo Hoo! too, by the way. I’ve run, volunteered, and written about it a few times, and I love it!  If in the midst of your excitement, you are not sure what to do, here is a list of 5 things you might want to remember.

  1. It starts at 8:00 am sharp on Sunday at Main St. and Howard St., and so be at your “corral” (the larger group you are part of according to your running-per-mile time) by 7 am; bring your own coffee /tea or hangout at the many shops or stands opened that early.
  2. It is called “Bay to Breakers,” because it starts by the Bay Bridge and ends by Breakers Beach, crossing town East to West.
  3. The B2B morning starts within a “square” formed by Mission St, Folsom St. Embarcadero, and Beal St. One of the best options is taking Bart or bus to any of the following stations: Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell and even Civic Center, and walk to the “square,” and find the street designated for your corral. Tell your Lyft or Uber driver to drop off 3-5 blocks from the start line to avoid traffic.
  4. Bring a jacket and perhaps wear pants over your running stuff, because it will be cold in the morning. Some people bring old clothes that can be thrown away while running –just an idea.
  5. Wear a costume, even if you are a serious runner (whatever.) ;-)! – The theme this year is the 80’s so anything neon, big hair, or padded shoulders will do it. You’ll be surprised how many people will be in amazing costumes, and how wearing a costume brings even more fun to your experience!

I couldn’t stop myself to add one more suggestion: avoid alcohol during the race, but if you are a social drinker, control yourself. Race organizers and police officers will be enforcing city ordinances. No alcohol is allowed on the course.


In case you didn’t know, this is not just any race. Bay to Breakers is the outcome of a series of races and community events dating the early 1900s á la San Francisco, to lift civic morale, create a platform for free expression, and build a community known for its daring ways and for being ahead of their times. True San Franciscans created and nurtured B2B; now Zappos Bay to Breakers continues developing that tradition. ZB2B is evolving and bringing unforgettable experiences to locals, new residents, and visitors.

Honor those who created it ZB2B by respecting yourself, others, and the neighborhoods you’ll be passing by. Most of all, have fun, make new friends and practice community, because that is why Bay to Breakers is all about!


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