I Am Craving Certain Travels.

Like a person on a Paleo diet whose heart sweats when they see pasta, or like a social drinker checking his watch every minute looking forward to happy hour, I am craving certain travels. Like a wine lover, remembering the flavor of those instants when life was perfect while drinking the perfect juice from grapes, or like a sexual human being, anticipating that moment of ecstasy when everything stops, I am craving certain travels!

I believe that travel is a must for everybody in earth, for how would we get to understand people and our planet and regions without knowing them in person, without putting our feet in their soil? I also believe that certain travels transform you, healing you, changing you forever, adding to your soul so that you see the world from many different experiences and literally from many points of view.

The questions are: How? and When? -because the Where? is self-explanatory. Anywhere! Sadly, I have not traveled in one year; not far away, not close, consumed with my challenges. But the desire is still strong inside my heart, patiently waiting for me to pack, and just go. Just thinking about it, I feel that I have reasons to live and believe. Just doing it, going into certain travels where money or hotels or time or plans matter very little, has proven a reason for me to live and believe in beauty. 

Travel is a right and a privilege. I believe that travel empowers you even if it takes you away from other goals, like eating pasta takes you away from losing weight, or going to many happy hours on the same work-week may distract you from your career goals. Certain travels, out of the tourist path add to your well-being, to your health, to your life, like a daily glass of wine does to the heart, or like, when it actually happens, the love-making of a certain type does to your soul.

A certain travel to Istanbul in 2011 was not only as amazing as I thought it would be, but actually a little more. The Turkish people I met during my daily wanderings made my visit even more memorable.

Content and photo by Lupita Peimbert.

3 thoughts

  1. I love the way you weave in the comparisons between travel and other cravings; OH, how well I know that feeling you describe (how just thinking of certain travels make you want to live and believe). You’ve captured it exactly, just gorgeous!


  2. I completely agree with you. Traveling is mystical and healing to the soul and every one must experience it. Don’t think too much about it. Just go. Be spontaneous, pack your bags, pick a place on the globe and buy a flight ticket. It’s not practical, but we aren’t getting any younger. So just do it 😀

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