Alone? – 50 thriving acts that will bring you happier Holidays!.

For single people. Be Happy.

Source: Alone? – 50 thriving acts that will bring you happier Holidays!.

By Lupita Peimbert.
@Lupitanews |Facebook: Lupitanews.

Many people tend to feel lonelier during the Holidays, especially if they are single or far away from family and friends. It is somewhat expected that we must not be alone in a society that is based on family, being part of a couple, children, dogs, and the whole enchilada. It is easy for single people to feel lonely and see the grass greener on the other side of the fence.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. Change your attitude and take tiny steps to enjoy being alone in the midst of seen lights hanging outside the homes of others.


Here are 50 ways to enjoying being alone during the Holidays:

  1. Buy yourself a Christmas present.
  2. Stand up.
  3. Be grateful for what you have, even if you don’t believe that is true.
  4. Walk around the block without thinking. Walking needs to be done now, though.
  5. Do not accept invitations for Christmas from your friends if they sound pity.
  6. Cook your favorite dish for Christmas Eve.
  7. Do not eat at a restaurant on Christmas Eve, unless you can handle being alone.
  8. Plan to do nothing on Christmas Day. It is ok if you end up doing something.
  9. Get a mini Christmas tree or a plant.
  10. Post  “Enjoy the Holidays!” on Facebook. Fine. Don’t post it.
  11. Post it in Spanish, French, German, Chinese… What the heck!
  12. Write Happy Holidays and stick it in the fridge.
  13. Make a cheesy list: “Five Things I Am Happy For.” Realize the list is not that cheesy.
  14. Another cheesy list? Yes! How about “3 Best Amazing Places I Want to Visit.”
  15. Write “Five people I really like.”
  16. Get a cheap puzzle; Designate a table to work on it. Open the box. Have fun!
  17. Open your windows and feel the fresh air.
  18. Do not take pity comments from anybody. You are a Christmas Orphan.
  19. Fill your kitchen in with groceries to be eaten on Christmas Day.
  20. Block “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” That song makes some people feel the lonely, remember that.
  21. Dare to do something you are afraid of.
  22. Enjoy your freedom, for God’s sake.
  23. How is the puzzle going?
  24. Volunteer at a church, a shelter, or
  25. Bring a meal to someone living on the streets.
  26. Get a life coach or just get a life.
  27. Try Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is like tapping on an App, but on your face.
  28. Start working on your taxes. That means, where are all your receipts?
  29. Be an adult and have a casual encounter or a sexy fling.
  30. Get an energy-cleansing session by phone or Skype.
  31. Send a Merry Christmas card to one person.
  32. Make a wish list for 2015.
  33. Write 5 goals of a lifetime.
  34. Get rid of some coats and jackets in your closet; give them to someone in need.
  35. Go for a jog, a run, or a bike ride. Yes, alone, dude!
  36. Do not drink yourself to sleep on Christmas Eve.
  37. Cry yourself to sleep on Christmas Eve.
  38. Feel empowered for being alone. That is so cute!
  39. Tacos are not allowed for Christmas. Try Pozole.
  40. Take a picture of someone waving for a taxi. Vintage.
  41. Take a picture of someone waiting for Uber. Classic.
  42. Please, do not feel sorry for being alone this Christmas.
  43. Get new passwords for all your sites and apps.
  44. Embrace the “Alone-ness” instead of putting up with loneliness.
  45. Take no pity nor condescending, patronizing comments from no one.
  46. Do not over-explain your situation. You are alone and that is okay.
  47. It not just okay. It can be great!
  48. Or, be with people for Christmas. You may still feel alone.
  49. Don’t find yourself feeling alone for Christmas!
  50. Enjoy feeling alone for Christmas!

Please remember:
Loneliness is an emotional response to a lack of companionship. By all means, it is an emotion that can be felt by people who are alone or by those who are in the company of others.

Alone-ness is something else: an attitude that helps you embrace who you are and where you are in life.

In all truth, we are never alone, as we are all part of this vast, intriguing, and wonderful universe!.

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