How to Steal Halloween from Children.

San Franciscans do it every year. They steal Halloween. Poor children, all they get to do is boring treat-or-tricking, full of restrictions due to safety.  Worst for teenagers: dad or mom must go with them; yikes. All too Lame, compared to the super fun adults have day and night.

Here is how they infiltrate the City on Halloween,  À la San Francisco. 

They wear their costume early on, and go to coffee shops and restaurants, pretending it is their usual mariachi sombrero cause, after all, they are Mexican and this is California homie! 

They take Muni and Bart just to remind others to What the heck,  get your own today. It’s Halloween! 

They walk the streets, the allies and the underground, looking like they have no idea what they are wearing or doing. Little rascals!!


Those who are late in the game then rush to every Out of the Closet, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and any other thrifty or costume store for that scary or cute outfit.

Uncle Tim wears his Elvis suit this year, and a different costume next Halloween. Meanwhile, little niece has to be a pumpkin! now (notice her face)
and until the orange thing doesn’t fit anymore. See?

When the dark and the night comes in on Halloween, children sleeping will be. The adults? Out & about having fun until the next morning light.

Happy Halloween!

Content by Lupita Peimbert.

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