Happy Coincidences.

Photography by Dan Clark.
Photography by Dan Clark.

By Lupita Peimbert.

The other early evening, I was on my way to an Indie movie -my reward for overcoming a challenging week. On Market Street, a man approached me and asked for food. He said he was very hungry. Without hesitation, I took him to a fast food restaurant nearby and bought something to eat for him. We chatted while waiting for our turn with the cashier. He was polite, clean, and sincere. I said goodbye with a $5 for coffee or a beer, and a God Bless You. He said God Bless You too.

Of course I was happy. Giving is a happy act, especially when you do it just because.

Sunset was almost in. One block before the movie theater, I saw a professional photographer taking pictures over the esplanade, and approached him, just curious about the images he was capturing. I was mesmerized by the Autumn sparks he saw and took. Without hesitation, I asked: Would you take a couple of pictures of myself? He smiled and said yes! And in 10 minutes we had this amazing, impromptu, uber-professional photo shoot, brief enough so that I wouldn’t be late for my Indie movie.

My happiness went up again. Receiving also is a happy act, especially when you had asked just because, unattached to the response.

I got to the theater on time, watched the movie, had a drink afterwards, and walked home alone, feeling peaceful in my solitude and grateful for that set of experiences turning into happy coincidences.