Blue Blood: Brasil represented at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Blue Blood is quite a story in the already full-of-stories life at a brazilian circus, and it happens when Circo Netuno returns to a volcanic archipelago two hundred miles off Brazil’s northeast coast. The film centers on the Cannon Man, an attractive young man who returns home to find the years have not diminished the taboo attraction between him and his sister. Director Lirio Ferreira has create a film full of theatrical sequences, the camera with its ups, downs, and around-movements, like the circus acts. Some say Ferreira has a Fellini touch.

Screens Tuesday, October 13 at 8PM at Lark Theater
Screens Thursday, October 15 at 2PM at Smith Rafael Film Center

Here is the trailer:

Blue Blood is part of several Latino films at the 38th Mill Valley Film Festival, taking place from October 8  to October 18, 2015. The Mill Valley Festival: Celebrating the Best in Independent and World Cinema

Content Curated by Lupita Peimbert.

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