Hey People in Napa, Here Is a Movie for You!


This Saturday, September 19 – FREE! – Thank you Napa Valley College. Read on!

No papers. Sans Papiers. Sin Papeles. The story of many people: living in another country without a visa. But when their skin is brown, it is more noticeable. Immigrants without authorization become third class citizens in that country to which they have arrived.

Written and produced by Bassam Kassab, SIN VISA tells the story of Marco, an undocumented young man who works to send money to his mother and siblings in Mexico.

His life seems to loop within a cycle of poverty, lack of opportunities, and mistreatment, often from people who hablan Español. As it can be common in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the gay population is large and powerful, a gay couple helps him out, developing an uncommon friendship.

Would Marco be able to stay? Would he ended up deported? If you want to know, here is a chance to watch this film for FREE in  Napa this Saturday Sept. 19 at 7pm.  

Tickets are courtesy of Napa valley college. Please make sure to use the link above to reserve your free ticket to guarantee a seat. Or many tickets. The theatre holds seats for 400 people.

Content by Lupita Peimbert.

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