Jessica Alba Rocked at Dreamforce!


Exuding candor, intelligence, and lots of charisma, Jessica Alba rocked at Dreamforce. The actress-turned-business woman (she is co-founder of The Honest Company), was part of a panel on Women’s Leadership, along with Susan Wojcicki (YouTube), and Gayle King (CBS). It was a one hour conversation on Day 4 of the important tech conference in San Francisco.

Among other things, Jessica Alba told her story of trying to start a company, the rejection she received for 18 months, and how she had to learn how to focus and make a better pitch. “If you do not know how to answer 20 questions about your project or company, you need to go back, think again, and be willing to learn your lessons,” she said.

Her online company, which sells diapers, bath & body products was valued $1.7 billion as of August 2015; they currently serve the United States and Canada, and have plans to expand to other countries. Alba said that providing non-toxic household and baby items is their focus, but that treating their employees well, specially women, is a priority too.

“Starting January 2016, The Honest Company will give 16 weeks of maternity leave to our employees,”  Alba announced. At 34, the young business woman said that having two small children, makes her fully understand the importance of women having the time to bond with their babies, and be able to put their career aside until they are ready to go back to work.

Her insights on creating an online business, her comments about making sure that young women learn how to code and get into tech careers, as well as her intention to advocate for a larger presence of women in positions of leadership at tech companies, often gained her a round of applause from the public. When asked about her success as entrepreneur she advised: “You’ll never know if you are going to succeed unless you try.” 

Nobody talked about her Hispanidad, but What the Heck I will: Jessica Alba is a proud Latina. Her father is Mexican-American, and her grand parents immigrated from Mexico, seeking a better life. Way to go girl! Thursday at Dreamforce San Francisco, you rocked!

Content by Lupita Peimbert.

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