Another Family Facing Eviction in San Francisco. 

(Updated 072815) – More than 150 people gathered Monday evening, outside the home of a Latino family fighting eviction in San Francisco’s Excelsior area. Apparently, the family pays rent on time but the landlord says the family owes them money; hence, they were served with an eviction notice weeks ago. At this point, they could be kicked out of their home of 10 years, on August 5th. The veracity of claims are being discussed by the proper authorities.

Not ready to give up, the family –who is actually composed of more than one family sharing a home: the Morales and the Bermudez,  sought help. Non-profits SFOP and PICO came to their rescue, mobilizing for the last several weeks a group of churches, community leaders, teachers, and neighbors.  Supervisor John Avalos, who represents the Excelsior in the San Francisco Board of Supervisor has shown his support.

Back and forth for a few weeks between the landlord, the family facing eviction, and the lawyers, a judge will decide on this case on Wednesday, July 29.

Meanwhile, support for these tenants is growing.

“At 606 London to support two households facing an unjust and fabricated eviction from a landlord with multiple properties,” posted Supervisor John Avalos on his Facebook page, while participating in the rally on Monday.

“We represent those whose voice doesn’t speak. Families are being evicted Wednesday after Wednesday,” a member of the tenants facing eviction said. “But we are here, speaking, and we are not alone.”

“We stand with you, as teachers and educators,” said a teacher from Balboa High School, located not far from the house in conflict.

“Thank you for showing up to support a family who right now is vulnerable,” added Father Jose Corral, a priest from Saint James Church.

Pictures and Text by Lupita Peimbert. Via Iphone on 072715.
First Update on 072815. All rights reserved.

Writer’s Note: 
I am sure the landlord has their side of the story; we would love to speak with them and share, if they are willing to.  I do not mind a so-called one-side story, because the story of these tenants is often too common, now more than ever in San Francisco, and they deserve to have a voice. (LP.)


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