Feeling Romantic? Go to París

By Lupita Peimbert.

(Travel) The Museum of Romantic Life is one of three literary museums in Paris. It is free of charge. This place was a private home owned by an artist who was close to the King. Just imagine. The home was frequented by novelists, painters, and musicians whose life, events, and affairs gave this place a certain reputation. I assure you, once you are there, you’ll feel romantic, even if you are not French.


Le Musée de la Vie Romantique continues to feel soft and a delicate place for the romantics who visit. On a cloudy morning one Spring, accompanied by my laptop and a red winter coat I visited, determined to spend the day seating in one of the little chairs and tables by the greenhouse turned Salon de Thé, and get inspired to write. The goddesses of creativity decided not to show up; instead, I spent the day venturing around, inside the house looking at the paintings, sculptures, and family portraits, walking outside and imagining those who had walked there too. The times I remained seated I was thinking where George Sand, or Chopin, or Charles Dickens had seated, lost in La Vie Romantic. Those sort of thoughts felt very romantic!


Take the metro to Saint-Georges station and to make it more romantic, walk a few blocks from there. You can take a Velib and park at stations 38 rue Victor Massé or 4 rue Moncey. The entrance to the museum is free. You may want to pay a few Euros for audio in your language, or for a temporary exhibit. Tea, coffee, and pastries are deliciously French. Le Musée de la Vie Romantique, 16, rue Chaptal – 75009  Paris, France.

IMG_0139IMG_0173 IMG_0164
For those who travel Solo:
This quaint museum is a great choice for those traveling alone, for those who appreciate the simplicity of things, and the places away from the masses. You can read, you can sit and look around, you can relax. You can reminiscence about the past and get inspired to write and feel. Equally important is that it is free of charge, and you can stay there for as long as you wish.


Text and photos by Lupita Peimbert. All rights reserved.

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