Part 1: Immigration Debate Building Up


(San Francisco) – A man in San Francisco pleads not-guilty today; he is undocumented, his name is Francisco Sanchez, and he has several drug convictions; heroine in particular.  He has been deported several times. And he was accused of murder –but he pleaded no guilty in court today, as shown on ABC’s KGO-Channel 7. Meanwhile federal elected officials wonder, specially the heads of homeland security, why hasn’t Sanchez been deported for good or thrown to ICE.

Who is guilty? San Francisco, who is a Sanctuary City, ICE says. And that is how the immigration debate starts in July 2015.  Donald Trump is just a clown dancing a crazy dance against Mexicans and Latino immigrants.

This how the debate on Illegal Immigration starts building up, July 2015. Trust me.

Just as an extra element that could provide context at some point, it seems that the use of heroine has increased in the United States, according to news reports today.

[Content by Lupita Peimbert.]


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