Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Receives Leadership Recognition

(San Francisco) – At a well-attended gathering, part of the closing ceremonies for the US Mayors Convention Sunday evening in San Francisco, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was honored by the Latino Leaders Network for his leadership and contribution to furthering the success of minorities in his current role. He received the “Antonio Villaraigosa Award.

Garcetti’s paternal ancestry has roots in Mexico; a 4th generation Angeleno, he speaks Spanish fluently. The Rhodes Scholar is a charming and eloquent Mayor. After receiving his recognition, he candidly spoke of his experience growing up in Latino neighborhoods and being raised by Spanish-speaking family members in Southern California.

Eric Garcetti was elected Mayor in 2013. His priorities and successes are: job creation, crime solving, sustainability, and paying attention to his constituency thus solving everyday problems for L.A. residents.

The Latino Leaders Network also presented an award to San Francisco D.A. George Gascon, recognizing his work for justice and fairness. Former San Francisco Mayor and California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown was guest speaker.

Antonio Villaraigosa, John Trasvina, Bonnie Garcia, and Ron Gonzalez attended, among other political, community, and business leaders.

At the end, guests were given a copy of the book “Mickeyisms, 30 Tips for Success,” written by Mickey Ibarra, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Latino Leaders Network.

[Content by Lupita Peimbert.]


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