Help Children Participate in Carnaval San Francisco. Here is How:

By Lupita Peimbert. (San Francisco) – Hundreds of children dance and play, marching in the parade, celebrating Carnaval San Francisco every year. Thousands of adults and families show up for this free, public event during Memorial Weekend. As these pictures from Carnaval SF 2014 show, colorful costumes from around the world fill the streets, making participants proud of their cultural heritage, and everybody else happy for being right there in the middle of culture and community. (Children photos by Lupitanews.)

This year, however, it has been difficult for parents, schools, and organizations to provide free costumes. Your actions will make a great difference. You may Bid, Invite, or Consider and Send it. Please read more to find out how.

I am sharing a letter from Carnaval SF Director Roberto Hernandez: 


Buenas Tardes! Today, I ask for your support!

Over 8,000 people have been evicted from the Mission causing families to live in garages, backyards, vehicles, motels, across the Bay and under freeways.

This year many children cannot afford the cost of the costume to be in the Carnaval SF Parade

We have stepped up to raise $10,000 to insure that every child gets their costume by creating an online auction with fabulous items we got donated

Please support by doing the following:

  • Bid on an item at  no later than APRIL 30th
  • Invite your friends to join the bid
  • If you are to busy to bid on an item, consider making a contribution and send it to:
    BRAVA ~ Carnaval San Francisco
    1333 Florida Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110

Si Se Puede!

Roberto Hernandez.

Last, but not least, mark you calendar for the morning on Sunday, May 24, 2015, to attend and be part of a mosaic of music, dance, and community in the vibrant Mission District, the heart of San Francisco’s Latino Community. See you there!

                                                      Photo of Carnaval drummers, by Rich Yee. 2014.

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