Calling the Altruist in You to Support Children from Carnaval San Francisco.

But you must do it by tomorrow. Nice. No pressure. ;-)!
By Lupita Peimbert. Editor,

Carnaval San Francisco is asking anybody who wishes to help, to contribute to a Parade Fund that will help children to buy their carnaval costumes and fully participate in this important –and very fun! community event in San Francisco’s Mission District. Contributions will go to children’s costumes and to pay for insurance for floats and Comparsas from non-profit organizations (who obviously lack funding, but do great work for children and families.) An auction will be held to raise funds. For this effort please contact Roberto Hernandez, the Carnaval SF’s Director and one of its founders. (I’ll give you his contact info at the end.)


CarnavalSF-lovers or those who are feeling altruists today, here are 3 ways you could help:

1. Donate in kind. Anything will help. Skip those extra drinks and donate instead. Or do not buy that expensive thing that will stay in your closet, and donate.

2. Give an item or two for the auction: a nice painting, designer coat, a collection item, 49ers or SFGiants logo items, a service (beauty salon, massage,) tickets to this or that, 10 paid coffee cups at a local coffee shop, or a gift card. Any other ideas for this?

3. Tell others (Pasa la voz!) ask friends & family to support in kind or with an item, post it on your Facebook, send emails. In other words, tell others that they could also help children and families participate in Carnaval SF.

Design by Laura James.

Carnaval SF will be held on May 24th and 25th in the main streets of the vibrant Mission District. The theme this year is “Sacred Water, Every Drop Counts! (Agua Sagrada, Cada Gota Cuenta!). But donations for this particular purpose are due, Oh Dear, tomorrow! (Friday, March 20.)

Carnaval San Francisco is one of, if not the most, cherished, fun, and creative events in the Mission District, found for and by the community in the 80s. It is also a tapestry of culture beyond Latin American countries. You can either see a Brazilian beauty dressed up in costume, a Chinese dragon, or a belly dancer.

Every year, thousands of people get connected through music, dance and celebration. Thousands hit the streets either to dance within the parade, or to watch the colorful Comparsas and groups wearing costumes representing a mosaic of cultures and community organizations.


Feeling like you want to help? Or for all Carnaval information please contact Roberto Hernandez at or  415-206-0577. Items most be brought in by Friday, March 20. Tomorrow! (Tell him you saw it on Lupitanews, would you?).

Lupita Peimbert is a bilingual writer and editor who has covered Carnaval San Francisco, and who every year secretly wishes she was one of the Brazilian samba dancers hence she gets to live vicariously through them. ;-)!


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