People in San Francisco do this type of thing.

How are you doing, 2015 resolution-wise? On the right track or not so muchIn case you feel resolution-bored, or feel the need for new ideas to try, here I am sharing: 5 fun things to make it your own, any time and any place!

  1. Expand your territory

photo 1   photo 2

The living room does not have to stay inside. A few chairs cemented onto the sidewalk, and you are ready to let those waiting for the bus sit comfortably while waiting, or invite a friend over for a nice chat in the afternoon. Find this in the Duboce Triangle.


2.  Paint your house the way you’ve always wanted 

photo 4

Who lives here? The Lion and extended family, judging from this jungle-themed facade in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. I meant to knock the door and ask whose idea this was, but I refrained, hoping not to be answered by smaller versions of Anaconda. Find this on Church St.


3. Give a 3-week vacation to all your employees 

photo 1   Taqueria

Every year before Christmas until two weeks into January, the workers at this popular Taqueria go away and spend time with their families. This has happened for years, sometimes as paid vacation; other times as “your job is here when you return.” Nice. Isn’t? Find it on Mission St. 


4. Dress the trees up


Someone does it for certain holidays, but it can done any time of the year: dress the trees up according to the season. It gives the business district a good feeling; but make sure you do no harm to the trunks. The trees are sacred, and you do not want to upset tree-huggers; speaking of which…


5. Give them a hug!

HugsGuy   Hugs

If the idea of tree-dressing-up sounds stupid, and hugging trees sounds weird, why not, then, give people a hug, free! Steven has done that for years, in special occasions. You can do it any day by a train station, a park, or a supermarket. Find Steve on the bridge every Jan 1.

Granted, it is easy to be out of the ordinary in San Francisco, but it is doable anywhere in the world. These are just some ideas. If none of them inspired you enough, think a little further, I am sure you can come up with ideas your own!

Text and images by Lupita Peimbert.

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