Only in Northern California!.

At Trader Joe’s:

“How is your week going?” – said the cashier, a nice man probably close to 50, or 50-plus.”I am having a great week. Good surprises, things are flowing,” – I said.

He smiled in agreement.

“Some weeks are like this week: everything is fun, things work out, great experiences come to you. Some other times nothing seems to work; for every little thing you want to do, a great challenge comes across, preventing you from doing it.”

He listened, in the active-listening way.

“It is true, we need to trust and let go,” he said.
“And have the clarity to understand the little difference.” I added.

“Have a great day!” we both said.

This is why I love living here, and why I love getting groceries at Trader Joe’s. Only in Northern California!



One thought

  1. Nothing like the friendly staff at Trader Joe’s 🙂 I shop at the Redding store all the time. Always fresh food and friendly people. That goes a long way. One of the employees once told me that when the store was about to hire someone EVERYONE working there have to approve their new collegue. That sound slike a great way to make sure you love your work 🙂


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