Summer Success at Hotel Playa Mazatlán

By Lupita Peimbert.

(Travel) Hotel Playa Mazatlán is one of the first hotels built in La Zona Dorada in the late the 50’s, family owned, and a very important work-source for hundreds of local people.  Reinventing themselves under the direction of  Lance Vient, Hotel Playa Mazatlan has incorporated a Summer’s “All Included”  package, and it is working.

Trip Advisor has named Hotel Playa Mazatlan the most successful destination during July.

I am here in “Mi Mazatlán” while writing several articles on traveling alone in Mexico, and how going somewhere outside of your usual routine, with an open mind and heart, can take you to different experiences and be catalyst to your own transformation.

Hundreds of families are taking advantage of an “All Included” package at Hotel Playa Mazatlán this summer. Full lobby on a Sunday morning in August, 2012.

For men and women who grew up in less-of-a-group-culture such as most of our fellow Californians (In Cali, being an individual is valued as first), traveling alone may mean “nothing new.” For bilingual and multicultural citizens such myself, or my dear friend Sheetal (from India now living in CA), and to many immigrants, ex-pats and the like, this comes as an issue to put in the bucket list

My focus is traveling as woman, single and not necessarily looking (Yes, I mean it, but there is, conveniently, some flexibility here ;-)! but I am sure this can apply to those who do or wish to travel alone whether you are man, older than 35 gay, recently divorced, fed up with the other gender,  or anything else.

I will explore public safety, relationships, local culture, nature, relationships, and pleasure. Comments, questions or ideas are welcomed! 

Text and photos by Lupita Peimbert @Lupitanews.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan hosted me during my stay in Mazatlan, and I thank them for their sponsorship (LP).

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