The California Primary: I Voted!

Call me a Sentimental Voter…

I make a big deal out of voting.
It happens to me on every election day:
I get excited like a little kid!

In trusting our democracy, I also know that the candidates I vote for are open-minded and compassionate to seniors, health for all, fair access to education, and to immigrant communities.

With that, I know that my vote also speaks for people who at this moment cannot vote but they will someday. People who regardless of their current condition, make the best out it, strive and thrive to become better persons, while contributing to our society.

Call me a sentimental voter, or too preachy, perhaps; I do not care.
I feel and I believe, therefore I write and I speak up and speak more.

This is the country I call home, love, respect, and cherish.
Voting is part of my being included in this democracy, or better said:
I include myself by voting.

What do you think about this?

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