I support Ross Mirkarimi for San Francisco Sheriff

 I believe

I believe Ross Mirkarimi deserves to have his job back as San Francisco Sheriff because of his record as elected official, the local legislative pieces he has led or supported when he was SF Supervisor -such as the ban on plastic bags and other pro-environment measures, and his stand on important issues as member of the so-called “progressive movement.”

I worked at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for one year and saw then-Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi in action, fighting all kinds of battles, especially when asked by his constituents, and Ross and his team working in all kinds of community causes and innovative approaches to public safety.

My long time friends Marcos, Isabel, Juana, myself and others have said from day one: That the perhaps dysfunction this couple had been going through  did not merit him being treated the way he has been nor his family being punished by a local community that claims to be highly evolved -and organic.
The same local community that once believed that taking away the manicured gardens in front of City Hall a beloved former Mayor had treated with care, and replacing them with herb plants, lettuce, other green leafs and vegetables would truly make a difference, especially when allowed to work the land and soil!

  ABC7 San Francisco’s seasoned investigative reporter Dan Noyes traveled to Caracas, Venezuela where now Mirkarimi’s wife and son are living, and interviewed her. Noyes has presented in a few minutes, a good portray of the people involved and affected by this scandal, their pain, and plans. Expressed just today as a post on Facebook, I have asked Dan Noyes…
Could you do a story on the possibility that some people and some newsrooms fall prey to a word/concept -in this case “domestic abuse/violence” without daring to, right when it is happening, think critically and report accordingly?

I would like to see what cognitive linguist and local professor George Lakoff has to say about this subject matter (meaning about how we follow words or what the sounding of things make us think of, what does this say
about us when we follow what others say, etc)
plus Noyes’ journalistic input in action.

It is in this type of situations when a Mayor, in this case, Mayor Ed Lee, has an opportunity to show his true character. God knows what other interests and agendas are behind the curtains. Or maybe there are none. In that case, could Mayor Lee take another look at his decision? Could it be possible that Mayor Lee was also prey to political correctness and other social pressures?

I would like Dan Noyes to investigate: Dan, Could you also do an investigative piece that would provide us the public with valid, proven, factual points to feed our need for a balanced, impartial perspective to counter-argue the “Conspiracy Theory” that qualifies this case as politically-ill driven?

I believe that Ross, Eliana, and Theo make a beautiful family,
and look forward to see them reunited, healing, and moving forward.

I support Ross Mirkarimi

4 thoughts

  1. What was left from the previoius..It is obvious that both sides have kissed and made up..she defended her position of the incident…SO IN WRAP UP!!!ALL WE ARE SAYING IS GIVE ROSS A CHANCE!!! PLEASE HELP SPREAD THIS SLOGAN!! INCLUDING YOU >>ROSS MY name is Michael email me miksan77@hotmail.com


  2. I have been following this issue from the very start…Who among us all does not have some sort of dysfunction less than perfect home life???It takes two to tango!!Regardless of who is to blame..I believe both sides had an equal amount of blame!!! fuses on life were short EMAIL ME miksan77@hotmail.com my name is Michael…in other words of the wise…ALL WE NEED IS LOVE LOVE>>ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!!!!!


  3. I appreciate your comment. I agree on that marriage is the hardest institution that we have. I would add that also couple-hood is not as easy and as “matching” as we have told. We all go through ups and downs and make mistakes, but we must move forward.
    Again, thank you for taking the time to comment, and have wonderful day. 🙂


  4. Well written well-thought piece.
    There are people and groups that have over-zealous misplaced sympathy and empathy over personal issues without considering facts.
    It is terrible that these groups have done their best to ruin the lives of a man and a woman who were trying, as we all have to do, to make a marriage work. Marriage is the hardest institution that we have but making it work means that meddling people who are onl considering their career, should stay in their own backyard.


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