Remembering John Buchanan

Attending Free Day @ de Young Museum, San Francisco. Olmec exhibit. March 2011.

It has been almost a year
since the Olmec exhibit at the de Young Museum, and incredible event that brought  gigantic pieces of Mexican ancestors history to San Francisco, and a treasure to Americans from the US, Canada and Latin America.

John Buchanan Jr., executive director for both De Young and Legion of Honor museums, was the reason this and other important exhibits have taken place, as well as many other wonderful activities that have position the De Young as a world leading art institution open and accessible to all people. De Young Museum has found a way to truly welcome all, but I mean, all people.

John Buchanan Jr.

I am still saddened, however, to have learned that John Buchanan Jr., has passed away, from pancreatic cancer, even though I just met him a few times. But whoever appreciates de Young Museum must know that John is the reason for this transformation.

John’s leadership, passion and commitment to redefine community engagement for museums, will be hard to match.

Please go to  
for more about John Buchanan Jr. Descanse en Paz.

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