Would Mitt’s Mexican connection have an effect?

I am still thinking how would Latino voters take it if Mitt Romney later on shows  interest in acquiring Mexican Citizenship, a weird fact that took place by accident. Mitt’s father was born in an American colony in the state of Chihuahua, in 1907. Mitt’s grandfather, a mormon how practiced polygamy, had moved the family to Mexico escaping from the morals of the time and anti-polygamy laws. Mitt’s grandfather had 4 wives and took one more in Mexico.

According to Mexico’s citizenship law, Mitt qualifies as Mexican!…And he “casually” mentioned it recently.

If Mitt’s ends up being a presidential candidate and somehow shows that this link to Mexicans means he would be supportive of this community, whether from a place of strategy  or authenticity….

Would Latino and Mexican voters registered for the 2012 Election end up more inclined to take a new look at him?

Because of that possibility, would Romney then rethink his stand against illegal immigration and the Dream Act? Would he reconsider?

Links connect, curiosity moves people, change of mind and heart happens often, what if? I am not making conclusions, just observing how sometimes these weird, irrelevant, accidental, ties have an effect on people both sides, and can develop into something else. What do you think?


What do you think about this?

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