Encuentra paz en el bosque.

La gente se aburre porque quiere. Es cuestión de ver las cosas de forma diferente. Si vives cerca de un bosque, aprovéchalo. Si no, busca un parque, area verde, o maneja tan lejos que sea para poder pasar unas horas cerca de los arboles. Cada vez más se sabe que los arboles tienen muchas mas capacidades que las que se les atribuye. Un árbol tiene vida, respira, tiene sistemas integrales que comunican: dan y reciben. La experiencia de estar cerca de los arboles, desestresa, por lo menos. Hasta aquí llego hoy. Saludos!

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This is the best airline to travel during COVID19.

You may want to check out my review of Delta Airlines. I flew on Delta in June 2020, from San Francisco to Mexico City with one stop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This may give you an idea of how things are being handled by airlines and airports, and it is a good reminder of the current measures such as a) wear a facemask, b) practice social distancing, c) avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, d) wash your hands often e) sanitize as much as you can and as often as possible, to prevent the spread of COVID19 while traveling. I have the best things to say about Delta Airlines so far.

Watch the video and you’ll find out the details. Remember that things are going from green to yellow to red every day, meaning, everything can change at any time without notice.

That is easy to notice when it comes to travel and transportation. Please also note that there are trends and tendencies and that is something good to observe. One obvious tendency is the fact that airports and airlines are finding more and clearer ways to handle this pandemic.

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Hope this review helps!