Gone Hiking In The Snow!

(Outdoors_ – Mc Cloud is a small town on Route 89 north of Redding, California, and very close to Mt. Shasta. It’s water streams and falls are a must hike when in Northern California (NorCal) especially during winter. Check out this video for inspiration!

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Poverty Isn’t A Lack of Character

(Engage) – In this thought-provoking TedTalk, historian Rutger Bregman defies the general notion that impoverished people and communities are so because they make stupid decisions. “We, the rich, should stop pretending we know best,” Bregman says. He asserts his belief that things could be different is people get access to a basic income. 


This Soccer Team Will Inspire You.

San Francisco has a soccer team finally, the SF Deltas, and they are aiming to unite while playing. That simple, and very clear: they look to promote multiculturalism, to use a sport as a way and reminder that we are all one and basically the same.

All this while mastering one of the oldest sports in the history of humans.
It is a good start. Their video will inspire you.

The Iguanas in Tulum. 

The Iguanas that abound in Tulum, Mexico, crawling from and between the ruins and the stones, staying around quiet and intense, may be the bearers of Mayan spirit.

I saw this Iguana looking at the sea, the ruins nearby, standing out as a guard and duty.

Content and video by Lupita Peimbert. Ok to share.
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To Fly in Honor of Santiago, The Apostle.

(Travel) – A key event during one of the many “Fiestas de Santiago” festivities in Mexico, the dancing and flying men of Cuetzalan (not to be confused with The Flying Men of Papantla) offer an amazing spectacle with plenty of cultural and religious meaning.


They are a favorite at the “Fiestas” de Santiago Yancuictlalpan, celebreated each year near Cuetzálan Puebla, a few hours from Mexico City. This is not just a show, it is a tradition for which each one of the flying men prepares during several days prior to the big moment. The preparation includes fasting, prayer, solidarity in community, and reflection.

In some occasions, this may be a passing ceremony for a young man, and to be included in this group is considered an honor.


The “Fiestas de Santiago Apostol” celebrated on July 25 each year, are a well attended festivity for those who religiously celebrate this and other Catholic traditions. I attended this event and took video with my Iphone in July, 2012, and I must say it felt magical to witness the religiosity and fervor of this important group of Native-Mexicans –many of them speak Nahuatl in addition to Spanish.

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Fandango Urbano 2016: Getting to know El Son Jarocho, and other cultural connections.


By Lupita Peimbert.
(Culture) – It is all about sharing immigrant experiences, strengthening neighborhood connections, and bringing up traditional
Veracruzana songs , music and zapateados in contemporary California, a region full of contradictions, highly techie and highly homeless, positively political, hungry for social justice, and so apt to artistic pursuits.

FullSizeRender (12)

And so they gather. They call it “Fandango.” This particular set of gatherings happening now is called “Fandango Urbano 2016.” They have been dancing and learning every night since May 31, and plan to continue until June 13. They have invited you and the public.

By “they,” I mean the creative, active group of Latinos and Latino-friendly people of California who throughout the year, whether at someone’s garage, at the community room of a store, at La Pena de Berkeley and at several other places, these men and women, younger and older, play the requinto or la jarana, talk or sing las coplas, and zapatean, dancing like no one is looking.

Come to La Peña de Berkeley to learn and enjoy requinto, jarana, zapateado, drumming and versadas.  You are invited!

Fandango Jarocho
Friday, June 10 – 7pm to 11pm
Come see what guests and participants have learned from recent Son Jarocho workshops. Bring your dancing shoes, instruments, and be ready to have fun!
Entrance free, donations welcome!

Grand Concert
Sunday, June 12
New son jarocho musical creations by DiaPaSon artists, and sones from PAZ. Tacho Utrera and guests artists will perform new and traditional pieces.
$20 in advance, $25 at the door.

Local artist Maria de la Rosa, along with the artists that conform DiaPaSon, guest Maestros, guest artists, local supporters such as Maricarmen, Cassandra, Catherine, and many others, invite you to 2 more days of son jarocho!

FullSizeRender (1)
La Peña de Berkeley, 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA. (510) 849-2568.
¡Te esperamos! ¡Que Viva Veracruz!

Memorial Day. Their friends…never forgotten.

FullSizeRender (11)

By Lupita Peimbert

(US Holidays) A widow who shared a memory of the moment she was told her husband had died, a master of ceremonies whose sons are active in the military, political leaders who spoke fondly of veterans, the daughters of a highly honored veteran who lost an eye, an arm and a leg for our country, and dozens of veterans themselves and their families gathered in Cypress Park, Los Angeles, California.

Simple yet well organized, this was one of the most beautiful Memorial Days ceremonies in the country, and it happened in Los Angeles, a city and county that has given 100,000+ soldiers to the US armed forces.

Here is a snapshot of the event that took place on Saturday, May 28, 2016:


Of love and men: VIVA.


Content by Lupita Peimbert.

(Cinema) – Look at it simply, and it appears like a drag queen’s story. Look at it a little more deeply, and you’ll see a story about love as it affects men, their dreams and conventions. Director Paddy Breathnach brings to life a set of powerful, emotional, and very real situations happening in a city where everybody seems unafraid to be who they are, right or wrong. At least they talk about whatever they are feeling instead of hiding it. And most of them are men, telling the hopes and sorrows of human beings. Forget that some of them are guys and some of them are machos.

Of all places, this film is set in Havana, Cuba, but it could happen anywhere else.

A young man wants to sing and perform at a drag queen but his father, who was never there for him, all of a sudden wants to play the protector. But the father was actually protecting his old, macho, and obsolete ideas about what manhood is about, and so about what it is to be gay or drag queen or whatever.


The cast is magnificent. The characters are complex, real, and passionate. Hector Medina, who plays the main role is outstanding, and so it is Jorge Perugorria the father, and Luis Alberto Garcia the cabaret-owner, and the others. VIVA is a must see, as it honors the feelings that men rarely display, and it shows that at the end, anybody can dream anything, but only those who fight for their dreams get to see them come thru.

Unequivocally, this film presents some realities long heard about, from an island who may be on the verge of changing.

VIVA opens Friday, May 6, in San Francisco’s Landmark Embarcadero. In Spanish with English subtitles. Added value: The songs in Spanish, intense, passionate, a la Rosita Fornes, a la Massiel, and a la other singers seemingly from epochs far away.

“El amor te hipnotiza, te hace soñar, y sueñas y cedes y te dejas llevar,

y te mueve por dentro y te hace ser más,
y te empuja y te puede y te lleva detrás …

Y de pronto te alza, te lanza, te quema,

hace luz en tu alma, hace fuego en tus venas,

y te hace gritar al sentir que te quemas,

te disuelve, te evapora, te destruye, te crea …”


Go Back to City Hall, Aaron.

Tought leadership; his record speaks: 8 years in City Hall making San Francisco a better place for everyone, not just a few millionaires. 

Aaron Peskin is running for Distric 3 – North Beach, Nob Hill, and more. 

Vote Aaron for D-3. #AaronPeskin #GobacktoCityHallAaron

Check this video. Here is what he told me on California St., about housing, independence, and including new arrivals (techies, that is) to decision-making for all San Franciscans. 

Costa Rica trae su VIAJE al festival de cine de Mill Valley.

“Quien no ha
improvisado en la vida, 

no ha vivido”

El festival de cine de Mill Valley, uno de los festivales mas importantes de California llega de nuevo, y esta vez, presenta una considerable lista de filmes Latinos.  Una de ellas es VIAJE de Paz Fábrega. Es una historia de coincidencias e improvisaciones. Cuando Pedro y Luciana se conocen, sus vidas cambian para siempre, y su historia de amor enternece. La cinta viene de Costa Rica, en español y subtitulada al Ingles.

sábado 10 de Octubre a las  8:30PM en el Smith Rafael Film Center
Lunes 12 de Octubre a las 12 y 3PM en Lark Theater

El 38th Mill Valley Film Festival se realiza del 8 al 18 de Octubre, y presenta lo mejor en cine independiente y cinema mundial; puede ver las cintas en salas de Mill Valley,  San Rafael y otras ciudades del Condado de Marin. 

Contenido de Lupita Peimbert.

Costa Rica brings “Viaje,” to the 38th Mill Valley Film Festival.

“He who hasn’t been able
to improvise in life,
hasn’t lived.”

With “VIAJE”, a film about love, coincidences and improvisations, director Paz Fábrega brings a candid, romantic story that will warm up the hearts of many, reminding us of those romantic stories once lived. Luciana y Pedro meet, and their lives will change forever. The film comes from Costa Rica, and it is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Screens Saturday, October 10 at 8:30PM at Smith Rafael Film Center
Screens Monday, October 12 at 3PM at Lark Theater

The 38th Mill Valley Film Festival is almost here, running from October 8  to October 18, 2015, presenting the best in independent and world cinema at theaters in Mill Valley, San Rafael and other Marin County cities. 

Content by Lupita Peimbert.

Latinos in Tech: Andrés Martinez.

Multimedia producer Erica Argueta from CNET Español is taking us to the memories behind a Latino who has a role in high technology: Andrés Martinez, an engineer who designs and develops technologies for NASA’s satellites programs. The Spheres program is one of his achievements.

Candidly, Martinez recalls being the only Latino student at  Cal-Poly’s engineering school, and how having $1.25 a day was his aim and his goal at the time, so that he could eat a hot dog and a drink to be able to function well in his studies.

Thank you Erica for your work!, and let’s now watch it!

Content curated by Lupita Peimbert.

El innovador mexicano Jordi Muñoz y su empresa de drones.

En este reportaje multimedios, la talentosa productora Erica Argueta de CNET Español, nos presenta a otro talentoso: Jordi Muñoz, su invento, su empresa, y algo de su vida.

“A pesar de los constantes obstáculos, este joven mexicano usó su interés en los aviones y la robótica para fundar 3D Robotics, una exitosa empresa fabricante de drones,” enfatiza Erica.

Jordi Muñoz forma parte de la serie ‘Latinos in Tech,‘ que hace resaltar las aportaciones del talento Latino en la industria. Adelante Jordi!
#CnetEspanol  #LatinosinTech  #Lupitanews 

Aqui esta el video-reportaje. Hay que verlo!


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