The McCloud Falls In Winter

Three McCloud Falls are located approximately 4 miles east of the town of McCloud in Siskiyou County, California. They can be accessed through a well-maintained trail by the forest service. The McCloud River Trail passes three beautiful waterfalls as it winds through a canyon of basalt lava rock. During winter, the snow makes the waterfalls look even more attractive. This site is one to be admired and enjoyed and a reason to go outside, be outdoors, and enjoy nature.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert.

Volkswagen Beetle in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico

The town of Taxco, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico, is already magical. Its architecture, history, and culture is extraordinary. But when you go there and see nothing but Volkswagen Beetles (“Bochos”) serving as taxis, the magic goes unparalleled. The taxis wonder throughout the tiny streets and allies, up and down, like actual beetles, fast and determined. (LFP. 2021).

Photo: Orange Juice

Jugo de Naranja at a small restaurant in Cholula, Puebla. 2021. $30 pesos, OR $1.5 US Dollars. @Lupitanews.

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