LA POSARELA – A bilingual tradition a La San Francisco!

LA POSARELA – A bilingual tradition a La San Francisco!.

Season for Sharing

Season for Sharing

Sharing our time, resources, love, energy, and money is one of the best ways to realize the true purpose of the Christmas season; this is specially essential when there are many families around us that may be in great need. I hope and wish anybody who reads this is already volunteering or on a “volunteer list,” or is now aware of such enormous shared responsibility.

[Photo Caption & Credit] – The Christmas lights of the most caring housemates one can wish for.

“Amaluna” en San Francisco – [Bilingual Post]

Amaluna es el nuevo show del “Circo que sigue al sol” 😉 y empieza esta semana en San Francisco.

If you have never seen Cirque du Soleil, you are up for a nice surprise. Cirque du Soleil is high quality entertainment, mixing the best acrobats, jugglers and other circus performers with music, songs, amazing costumes, and extraordinarily designed sets. AMALUNA happens in a land governed by the feminine, and Queen Prospera’s daughter goes into a saga when she falls in love with a suitor, against tradition.

En otras palabras y como dicen en mi tierra, Cirque du Soleil es circo, maroma y teatro. Las mujeres reinan en Amaluna, pero como siempre, los hombres vienen a ponerlo todo a prueba. Mientras tanto el público puede transformarse a un mundo de imaginación por medio de la música, el canto, el extraordinario vestuario, los magníficos escenarios, y las acrobacias y malabarismos.

Can’t wait to see it! and if you want too, please go to their website for information. It starts on Wednesday, November 13, in San Francisco.

[Text by Lupita Peimbert. Photo by Cirque du Soleil.]

Day of the Dead at the San Francisco Symphony

Day of the Dead at the San Francisco Symphony

By creating a program dedicated to the Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos, the San Francisco Symphony has become a model in multiculturalism worth following by institutions and companies that truly want to engage with the Mexican and Latino communities. Yet, the renown arts organization shall learn certain lessons in Mexican traditions. It shall also learn about the complexities of Mexican and Spanish-speaking audiences in the Bay Area: they demand cultural accuracy while falling pray of historical biases. It is just a thought. I’ll elaborate later.

Text and Photo by Lupitanews.

Lecciones en multiculturalismo: Día de los Muertos

Lecciones en multiculturalismo: Día de los Muertos

Al crear un concierto completamente dedicado al Día de los Muertos, la Sinfónica de San Francisco se convierte en un modelo en multiculturalismo a seguir. Sin embargo, la reconocida institución de las artes, continúa aprendiendo ciertas lecciones respecto a nuestras tradiciones y a las exigencias del público mexicano e hispanoblante del área de la bahía. Un público que demanda veracidad cultural pero que a la vez se deja influir por sus propias biases históricas. Luego les cuento por qué.

Text and Photo by Lupitanews.

Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead

Día de los Muertos - Day of the Dead

Hoy celebramos el Día de los Muertos, una tradición religiosa-popular en Latinoamérica, especialmente en México. La muerte es causa de preocupación para muchos, para el mexicano, en cambio, es símbolo de reverencia combinada con broma. El escritor Octavio Paz lo dijo muy bien: “Para el habitante de Nueva York, París o Londres, la muerte es la palabra que jamás se pronuncia porque quema los labios. El mexicano, en cambio, la frecuenta, la burla, la acaricia, duerme con ella, la festeja, es uno de sus juguetes favoritos y su amor más permanente. Cierto, en su actitud hay quizá tanto miedo como en la de los otros; mas al menos no se esconde ni la esconde; la contempla cara a cara con impaciencia, desdén o ironía: “si me han de matar mañana, que me maten de una vez”.

Full of young boys and girls, that is San Francisco these days!

Invaded by youth

There is something going on in San Francisco. Lots of people moving in, plenty of things to do everyday. It reminds me of the high-tech bubble in 2000, but this time, new San Franciscans seem very young, I would say in their early 20s. They bring vitality and energy. I am in awe when I see them and at the same time, I feel envy. The good one, hopefully. I envy that they are living the adventure of their time, and that most things are geared for them: jobs, events, trends, you name it. And so, those of us over 35, specially if we are single and do not have a traditional life, become somewhat the outsiders. We are not necessarily invited to hang out with them, and if we go, it almost feel like “Aunt Betty is with us.” LOL. I am laughing while writing this, because of whatever. But I notice, we have been invaded by youth, and they are running the town!.

Big. For California. By David Hockney.

Big. For California. By David Hockney.

Today is the opening of David Hockney’s exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Can’t wait to see it! The British artist assembled this exclusively for this part of the world. I saw a preview and it looks amazing! The image below is a drawing of Yosemite Park made on an iPad. ¿Cómo la ven?

The key players…

The key players who could bring immigration reform to the front line right now are the high tech moguls. Money moves mountains.

The problem is that their agenda focuses on foreign talent and not on the millions of undocumented immigrants who do not work on high tech. Yet, these millions of so called unskilled workers do move mountains at a fundamental level of the US economy, and one may argue that it all depends on how the word “skill” is defined.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform must  include the interests of both foreign talent and other workers, high tech or not.

If Mark Zuckerberg and other high tech moguls can fully assimilate this, they will set a precedent, moving forward and setting free the elephant in the room in a way that politicians and immigrant rights groups have not been able to, trapped in their own games.