Happy Children’s Day!

On April 30th, Mexico celebrates Children’s Day. Other countries do the same mostly in June or November.  In the United States, this celebration is becoming more popular each year, with more schools, churches and non-profit organizations doing their own parties.

Here is what CENSUS data shows about the state of the 73.million children under 18  in the United States, as of Feb. 2015:

  • Of the 73.7 million children under 18 in the United States:
    • 10 percent live with a grandparent (7.4 million).
    • 79 percent live with at least one sibling (58.5 million).
    • 15 percent have a stay-at-home mother (10.8 million), and 0.6 percent have a stay-at-home father (420,000).
    • 24 percent of children live with at least one foreign-born parent (18.1 million).
  • The share of children who live with one parent only has tripled since 1960, from about 9 percent to 27 percent

Content by Lupita Peimbert.