10 Days in San Francisco

True self and dark side, it’s all one, and one is all of us. Post 1. Monday.
Stinson Beach all day Saturday, ending it with Woody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight. Sunday: full day studying at this creativity-meets-technology school, and Margaritas and Chiles Rellenos with my friends from India at a Mexican restaurant on Valencia Street, sabotaging my weight loss plan, and my planning to go for an early morning hike next day.

I’m here for 10 days, to work, write, search, and share, a La San Francisco. I’m not new to the City. I have been in the Bay Area for almost 20 years –the last several months in wine country. Yet, the City feels new to me. Vibrant as ever, San Francisco is equality a box of contradictions as it is a box of beauty in thought and action. Full of wealth, full of homeless; green people, kinky tours, progressives, gullible-goody-goodies, innovators, salsa dancing, risk-takers, super wealthy democrats, women so picky about men that will probably never find him, guys who prefer to invest time and money in expensive bikes than invite and pay for drinks with a nice woman, creative-types, socially conscious, money seekers, dog lovers unable to find a person to date for real, young, old, LGBTs, s sexy yoga, gyms for butts,  runner-you-must-be, Latinos, Asians, people from Boston, French, Mayans, you name it; this city queen of equality, equally tries to blend many worlds and a piece of the world…this tiny city by the Bay!

A new week starts today, Monday.

IMG_1640Early morning around six, I ventured on a hike to Golden Gate Bridge via a trail through the Presidio.

A sign announcing Coyotes in the area became a second intent to self-sabotaging my exercising and ongoing, never-ending, so-annoying goal to lose weight and look hot, but I kept going. 2 hours later, my true self is fully awaken; I feel renewed.

I appreciate the efforts of the Asian man getting empty cans and bottles from the trash around Crissy Field to add to his enormous garbage bag. Total entrepreneurship!

Must finish PR work for a few clients. Here I am again charging very little and complaining about it. C’est La Vie. My resume…must rewrite my resume for the 10th time, customizing it to sound-advice and wishes of HRs and recruiters who are very nice when they find you on LinkedIn and very much ignore you when they don’t find you best match for their clients –talk about lack of manners and empathy. I want to support a young artist who is doing phenomenal work with children and families, and I will. I’ve committed to meeting with friends tonight, to support refugee Central American children, and I will. The rest of the day will go at its own will, the result of combining my thoughts and actions with the wishes of life and destiny.


[Text and photos by Lupita Peimbert. Ops! one was by Sapsi.]

Hiking to the Golden Gate Bridge: Bay Area Ridge Trail or Park Trail.
Best Margaritas in San Francisco: Puerto Alegre Restaurant on Valencia St.
Best coffee shop open early and late: Starbucks. California St. s, Starbucks.
Best place to flirt with attractive guys over 35: Everywhere, but guys in San Francisco don’t know how to flirt. ;-)!


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