Full of young boys and girls, that is San Francisco these days!

Invaded by youth

There is something going on in San Francisco. Lots of people moving in, plenty of things to do everyday. It reminds me of the high-tech bubble in 2000, but this time, new San Franciscans seem very young, I would say in their early 20s. They bring vitality and energy. I am in awe when I see them and at the same time, I feel envy. The good one, hopefully. I envy that they are living the adventure of their time, and that most things are geared for them: jobs, events, trends, you name it. And so, those of us over 35, specially if we are single and do not have a traditional life, become somewhat the outsiders. We are not necessarily invited to hang out with them, and if we go, it almost feel like “Aunt Betty is with us.” LOL. I am laughing while writing this, because of whatever. But I notice, we have been invaded by youth, and they are running the town!.

Big. For California. By David Hockney.

Big. For California. By David Hockney.

Today is the opening of David Hockney’s exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Can’t wait to see it! The British artist assembled this exclusively for this part of the world. I saw a preview and it looks amazing! The image below is a drawing of Yosemite Park made on an iPad. ¿Cómo la ven?

The key players…

The key players who could bring immigration reform to the front line right now are the high tech moguls. Money moves mountains.

The problem is that their agenda focuses on foreign talent and not on the millions of undocumented immigrants who do not work on high tech. Yet, these millions of so called unskilled workers do move mountains at a fundamental level of the US economy, and one may argue that it all depends on how the word “skill” is defined.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform must  include the interests of both foreign talent and other workers, high tech or not.

If Mark Zuckerberg and other high tech moguls can fully assimilate this, they will set a precedent, moving forward and setting free the elephant in the room in a way that politicians and immigrant rights groups have not been able to, trapped in their own games.